SentinelOne; the security solution that suits your needs

The percentage of cyber-attacks is booming day by day. Having a defender does not save you from the upcoming malicious threats. Threat actors are gaining more power these days over cyber infrastructure, organizations and individuals. Every cyber-attack will have advanced attacking features than the previous one. All they need is information and financial gain. Companies are coming up with strategies which can withstand the wave of attacks. They are incorporating these technologies in cyber security softwares so that individuals and organizations can preserve their datas and information.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about one of the coherent cyber security solutions available in the market, SentinelOne.

SentinelOne is an American based cyber security organization which was formed in the year 2013. They utilize machine learning technique to look on to personal computers, cloud workloads and IoT devices. They have been certified by the AV test labs.

SentinelOne is a comprehensive defensive software which ensures threat detection, malware hunting and responsive features which helps organizations to detect vulnerabilities and secure the IT functions. They employ Static Artificial Intelligence to enable real time endpoint protection. This technique reduces false positives.

Major features

  • Threat detection: They pose efficient threat detection and immediate response system that helps to discover threat before they harm the system. They make use Patented Behaviour AI function to analyse malicious actions and patterns. They have proved their strength in detecting file-less threats, zero-day vulnerabilities and nation-grade attacks. SentinelOne makes sure that scans are conducted on a regular basis so as to reduce the adversities of ransomware and phishing attacks.
  • Threat hunting: Every organization should ensure that they have proactive systems to defend cyber-attacks. SentinelOne provides proactive threat hunting feature. They block the malicious threats from spreading into the network or infrastructure. They give quick query times and improved responses like pre-indexed forensic context during threat hunting.
  • AI-Assisted prevention: SentinelOne deploys static AI on the endpoints to assure real-time protection. The advantage of static AI is that they detect the threats long before they affect the networks. Compared to other defenders, SentinelOne produces less false positives while they detect and block the threats.
  • Automated response: For quick response, they seek the help of ActiveEDR. They combine the features of behavioural AI and completely drain the malicious activities. The AI response makes sure that the individual devices connected to the network can also respond during the time of threats.

Apart from end-point protection, they also attach cloud services for scalability. Some of them include:

  • Singularity Platform: Singularity platform is one of the beat solution offered for endpoint protection. They help you to perform threat analysis through complex enterprise. They provided the required security strategies to the networks. This platform deals with end point protection, detection and response and cloud security for the endpoints. Using this you can easily convert an infected endpoint to their pre-infected stage. They also provide stable data recovery tools and mitigation tools.
  • The Ranger: This is specially designed for IoT frameworks or multi-connected devices which is connected to a centralized network. Ranger helps to convert devices within the network to a sentinel. They decide the security regulations across every device. The Ranger is mainly accessible through cloud which makes it available for third party IoT platforms and industrial cloud services.
  • Cyber security Analysts: This serves as a security tool to detect threats within the enterprise architecture. The tools look upon suspicious activities and they supply samples for forensics. This tool helps to get alerts during critical situations and hunting reports when data breach occurs.
  • Vigilance: This feature includes assessment of threats and deciding the suitable response protection against cyber threats. They are active 24×7 and make sure advanced threats are detected. This provides an extra layer of protection to your network and IT operations. They make a suitable watch guard against vulnerabilities.


  • SentinelOne Singularity Core – Rs.440 per month
  • SentinelOne Singularity Control – Rs.586 per month
  • SentinelOne Singularity Complete – Rs.880 per month
  • SentinelOne Endpoint protection – Rs.3, 300 per year

SentinelOne is one of the efficient endpoint defender which is used in industries and by individuals. They provide comprehensive defence mechanism and protect your networks by combining with other cloud platforms and SIEM tools.