Intego anti-malware software

Intego anti-malware software; impunity for you Mac

We all wish to protect our information and data from cyber hackers and malicious threats. But whatever solution we are having today in our devices may be out-dated or does not have the capability to block the latest version of malwares and viruses. This is the main reason behind the increased number of cyber-attacks around the world. Cyber hackers are developing more dangerous types of malware that can destroy your data forever.

We need an active cyber security software to defend them, the one with advanced features that has the capability to protect your device from all the known and unknown threats. Security researchers has analysed every security softwares available in the market and has categorized some as ‘advanced’ softwares which can offer real time protection.

Intego is one among the softwares in the list.

Intego is an American based company that develop security softwares for both Windows and Mac. It was established in the year 1997. They mainly focus on creating Internet Security softwares for Windows, macOS, Mac OS X. They provide feature like antivirus, anti-spam, firewall, data protection and back-up facility.

Advantages of Intego:

  • Even though Intego is developed for macOS, there are versions which protect the Windows as well.
  • Real-time protection for macOS and enhanced system optimization features.
  • Provides extensive explanations of technologies.

Intego mainly provides five set of anti-virus plans. Each of them differs in virus protection, performance enhancement, firewall etc. They include:

  • VirusBarrier X9 virus protection, which also protects Windows against malware.
  • NetBarrier X9 network protection
  • ContentBarrier X9 parental controls
  • Mac Washing Machine X9 system optimizer
  • Personal Backup for automatic file backup.

Every five packages can be subscribed for more than a year and for multiple devices. But they provide them in two subscriptions; one provides protection only for macOS devices whereas the other provides security for both Windows and macOS devices.

Apart from common anti-virus features, they contain advanced features like:

  • Washing machine: it cleans your system and optimizes them.
  • Personal backup: this is an advanced type of backup tool.
  • Content barrier: parental control

Intego has a user-friendly dashboard that accommodates virus protection tools, protection engine, scan scheduling options and malware remover. With the help of VirusBarrier, you can successfully scan your entire Mac/iOS device and detect the malicious outsiders lurking inside your device. They also have the ability to scan your emails to prevent you from phishing attacks. For this, you need to connect your email account through Apple’s Mail app. According to the test results, the Quick scan feature can scan over 200,000 files in just 2 minutes.

The VirusBarrier constantly checks upon the anti-phishing settings and keeps them activated.

Intego consists of an advanced firewall feature; NetBarrier. They help to protect your network, whether home network, work network or public Wi-Fi. There are different security settings for different networks. They pass warning when any applications or background scripts try to establish network connections. The user has the freedom to choose whether to allow or block the connection. This feature gives you a full picture of programs which are trying to connect to your network.

Intego’s parental control feature is called ContentBarrier. It has more powers than the normal in-built Mac parental control. They consist of tools like anti-predator alerts, keystroke training, screenshot recording and application blocking. You can have a clear picture of what your child is watching, which websites are they watching and their email contents. You can block sites according to the categories like; 18+, gambling etc. The major highlight of this feature is its anti-predator monitoring. This alerts you when your child is having conversations with threat actors online.

Personal Backup option can retrieve your important files. This is much similar to Apple’s Time Machine but this is a more personalized option. Personal backup consists of three main options:

  • Bootable Backup: They help you to retrieve the entire system data in accordance with the Mac OS X version
  • Synchronize: They provide you with facilities to sync files across multiple devices.
  • Restore: They restores the backups made in the external drives.


  • Intego Personal, 1 device 1 year – Rs.2, 380
  • Intego Family, 3 devices 1 year – Rs.3, 265
  • Intego Extended 5 devices, 1 year – Rs.6, 530