CISCO Advanced Malware Protection

CISCO Advanced Malware Protection; the reliable malware defender

A timid security solution is a necessity these days. Just normal anti-virus software cannot defend your system from the threats and breaches occurring these days. Technological advancement helped the threat actors to plan and execute complicated attacks without the knowledge of the target. They may sneak into your networks in any way and later spread malicious malware in the entire systems connected to the network. Some attacks can totally damage the reputation of your institution and can bring a huge financial loss.

We need an efficient defender to defend and destroy the malwares they create and protect our systems from their spell. Companies are now developing advanced software which helps to hinder the malwares right from the beginning and also alerts you when they detect any external presence.

CISCO is one among the companies that develops efficient cyber security softwares including Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

AMP provides the users with high-powered, enterprise grade level protection system which safeguards your network from all kinds of malware. This advanced version also blocks new variants of viruses (Business email compromise, ransomwares, botnets etc.)  from attacking organizations. They also help you to understand the strategies and analytics of the attacks from the previous attack profiles and signatures so that you get an idea of what they do to your system.

CISCO AMP provides protection in three different levels:

  • Before the attack: AMP makes use of Talos Security technology and resources from the research groups to pass the alert to the users if any potential cyber threats are identified.
  • During the attack: once the malware is detected in your system, the AMP uses Grid feeds to identify and block the incoming malicious data packets which aim at hacking and infiltrating your network.
  • After the attack: after the situation, AMP collects the information of the attack and redirect them to the security staffs so as to learn the origin of the malware, the magnitude of destruction it can cause and their current status. Using AMP, just a click can help you isolate the malware, and destroy them from causing further damage.


  • Signs of compromise: this feature helps to connect information’s about the driven data (especially malwares) such that your defence team could make out about the landscape of the threat and the harms it could cause in the future.
  • Anti-malware engine: this works by Rootkit mechanism. They are a combination of endpoint protection and antivirus functionalities.
  • File reputation: latest intelligence tools are used to analyse a file (including links and attachments) and makes sure that they are to enter or is malicious.
  • Dynamic malware analysis: the sandboxing feature present in this software helps the defence team to study the malware which has infected the system and analyse their effects.
  • Retrospective detection: this is one of the efficient alert features that help you to known that the second wave of malware is approaching your system. Once the alert is received, you can act accordingly to block them.
  • File trajectory: file trajectory helps you to keep the record of the files which is entering your network. This feature notifies you immediately if there are any red flags.
  • Device trajectory: this feature helps to create a track history of the devices connected to your network.
  • Prevalence: this is used to check all the files that has been launched and deleted in your organization. They are categorized into safe and unsafe ones so that you can examine them before they cause any imminent threat.

Researchers say that CISCO’s AMP is the solution to NextGeneration visibility, control and protection which fights against advanced threats and cyber-attacks based on internet.

This software utilizes file behaviour patterns and collective intelligence to make sure that your files are safe or not. This technique makes them an efficient software during analysis and inspection.

Using AMP you can also scan for vulnerable softwares within the system. After every scan, the software displays the list of vulnerable softwares. This information is then displayed in the prioritized list of the hosts according to which the software is patched.

CISCO AMP is one of the advanced cyber security solution that you can own during this time of cyber wars.