360 Total Security

360 Total Security; more than a protection software

Whatever files and sensitive information we store in our system, we hope them to be safe and secure. We believe to be safe while browsing networks and downloading files. We hope our privacy is protected and we are safe from cyber-attacks. All these are wrong assumptions. Every systems and devices are prone to cyber-attacks due to the modern technological development. Without having strong defensive software, there is no value for privacy and the sensitive information are not safe within the device. Also, mere anti-virus software could not help you to get through the modern cyber hacks. For that we need a powerful, well equipped software which offers more than malware protection.

360 Total Security is one among the modern cyber security software.

360 Total Security is a Chinese established company. It has been developing anti-virus softwares which protect systems, mobiles and web browsers since 2005. The headquarters of this company is located in Beijing. During the initial stages, the organization supplied third-party antivirus softwares through web. Gradually they developed their own software and offered to the users for free.

Major products

  • 360 Internet Security
  • 360 Safeguard
  • 360 Mobile Security
  • 360 Secure Browser
  • 360 Security
  • 360 Mobile Assistant

Even having all these advanced products, anti-virus protection is their major motive. The anti-malware engines forms the base of the software, which is efficient same as that of BitDefender and Avira. For people who are looking for a better software, free of cost, 360 Total Security stands a better choice.

They basically have 3 major scanning options; quick scan, custom scan and full system scan. The quick scan takes less than 5 minutes to complete the scan. The ‘Patch-Up’ feature scans the system regularly to check whether any of the installed programs are infected by virus or contain any vulnerabilities.

Once the software releases an update, it is immediately notified to the customer and they are provided with the download link to the latest version.

Along with the vulnerability scanner, they also have facilities to check for ‘system anomalies’. If any variations are found in the system performance, they automatically flag the program and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

360 Total Security does not allow your system to perform low. The comprehensive speedup and clean-up function tries to remove unwanted start-up applications and files and enhances the state of the system. You can have an average calculation of the boot time using this software so that it is possible to decline unnecessary start-up services.

Some of the functions in the software are default and there are options for you to customize them according to your needs using the ‘Manual’ function. Using the history panel, you can analyse and make changes in the optimization settings. ‘Scheduled Clean-up’ ensures your system is clean and safe. They also remove unwanted cache files and restores storage space.

The data shredder option allows you to get rid of unwanted files and folders safely. Virtual Sandbox environment is an advanced feature that carefully looks into malicious programs and eliminates them. Your passwords are safe with the virtual vault of this software.

360 Total Protection remains strong against ransomware attacks. During an attack, they destroy the encryption key which is used to lock your files and directories.


  • Efficient anti-malware engines
  • User friendly interface
  • High performance during full and short scans.
  • Advanced optimization tools
  • Cloud based protection

When compared to other security software, Total Security is a very capable. Important highlights of the software include:

  • Webcam protection: prevents hackers from taking the access of webcams
  • Online Shopping Protection: notifies if any unusual phishing websites are detected.
  • Downloaded file scan: scans each and every downloaded file and alerts if any dangers are found.
  • Wi-Fi security check: they actively perform DNS security check and provide strength to the password.
  • Junk clean-up: improves system performance by clearing unwanted files.
  • Speed up: optimizes OS performance and network performance.

360 Total Security is a systematic software which serves you during the time of increased cyber threats and data breaches. For more details, visit

Norton 360

Norton 360; the complete cyber security for your device

In today’s society, cyber threats and cyber spies are lurking in every nuke and corner. Technology has advanced immensely, which helped the hackers to develop sophisticated tools and in developing strategies. They take their own time to plan the attack so that so that they never leave loopholes which helps the investigation team to reach them. Most of the attack nowadays are silent, and takes place without the knowledge of the target.

To withstand these malicious activities, we need a powerful security tool which scans, detects and blocks the malware that cause the attack or data breach.

Norton can help you with this!

Norton is an anti-virus software developing organization that helps us to keep our systems and devices secure from cyber-attacks and data leaks.

With the newly released Norton 360 software, you can ensure total security against malicious malwares, viruses, botnets, Trojans etc. They are also effective in blocking phishing attacks and other online threats. For secured browsing, they provide VPN. This allows the user to protect his privacy. Norton has also added a new password manager feature which keeps up the stability of accounts.

The major features of Norton 360 are:

  • Secure VPN for online privacy
  • Password manager
  • PC safeCam
  • Device security

Price and specifications

1 year

If you are selecting the 1 year plan of Norton 360, they charge you with Rs.799. The actual price of the software is Rs.2099 but for their customers they have provided a discount rate of 61% and the prize was reduced to 799. For this price range, it is worth a try.

2 year

If you are a user who works from home and continuously visit external website, it would be preferable to opt for the 2 year plan. As the second wave of pandemic is hitting humanity vigorously, people will be compelled to work from home for a quite long period of time. The 2 year subscription comes with the price range of Rs.1, 899. Here the company has provided 54% of discount and has cut short the amount from Rs.4, 199 to 1,899.

The features provided for both the packages are the same:

  • Malware, virus, ransomware and spyware protection: Norton helps to detect all types of threats, both known and unknown and secures your personal data intact.
  • Pc Cloud Backup: This feature helps to store key files and data as a precautionary step against data loss due to data breach, stolen hard drives or damaged hard drive.
  • Firewall to protect the networks for both PC and Mac: This scans the communication between the system and the network and block unwanted traffic.
  • Password Manager: They contain tools that help to generate, store and manage passwords, financial details and other important login credentials.
  • Complete security from virus: Norton wipes away the entire virus present in the system or network. If not, the company has claimed to return back the subscription amount.
  • Protected VPN: They ensure secure and fast internet browsing
  • Cam safety: Secures your webcams and alerts you when someone else is trying to access your webcam.

In today’s world, cyber security is just more than virus protection. Norton ensures that. All the features are packed in one software, Norton 360.

Norton ensures security for every device including PC, Mac, Smartphone and tablet. They protect the users while browsing, dealing with banking applications and while doing online purchases. Fake ads and scams are dramatically increasing these days.

While scanning for external threats, Norton also blocks unauthorized traffic and safeguards your personal and financial information.

The VPN feature of Norton helps to browse websites without the fear of getting infected. They can also save your from cyber threats emerging from public Wi-Fi’s. Once you install the software, they encrypt all your personal information so that threat actors have no way to lurk into your system.

As per the census of security researchers, 1 out of every 10 URL is infected. So we must have strong cyber security software that can block us from visiting malicious sites.

Norton ensures you complete system protection.

To buy Norton anti-virus software, just visit their website and buy them online