Avira anti-virus pro

Avira anti-virus pro; specific malware protector

 In the midst of cyber-attacks, people are desperately in need of a strong security solution which can protect them from all types of cyber-attacks, data breaches, known and unknown threats. There is plethora of softwares available in the market. But all of them are not trust worthy and cannot protect you from emerging threats. Most of them are third party softwares which are not very secure. When people are continuously being subjected to cyber-attacks even after having security software, they understood the need for a strong security solution.

Avira provides you with advanced cyber security and block known and unknown threats.

Avira produces best-in class malware for both Windows and Mac. They are lightweight and reliable. The highlighted features of Avira are privacy protection, device optimization, advanced booster extension, game booster and start-up optimizer. They have an efficient anti-malware engine that blocks and removes all kind of malwares, viruses, spyware and ransomware.

As they are light weight and user friendly, they provide a vast selection of easy to use tools which is compatible for all the versions of Pc, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Avira offers the user with real-time scanning, web protection and blocks ransomware attacks. The smart scan helps to scan the entire PC to detect the presence of any malwares. It also resolves the security issues, privacy settings, deletes junk files etc. Smart scan fixes all these issues in a single click.

Avira also aims at cleaning up unnecessary data, updates out-dated files and fixes the apps which has problem with performance.

The full scan feature detects 100% of malware samples as per tested by the users. Avira tends to own one of the advanced and fastest virus scanning engines.

Other available scans are:

  • Local Drive scans
  • Rootkit scans
  • Active Process scans
  • External device scans

They also have a cloud protection feature which scans malicious files using cloud technology. This protection cloud keeps on updating. The main plus point of Avira is that it merges cloud scanning into real-time protection. This feature makes Avira one of the best anti-virus software in the market.

Avira also has the capability to detect phishing and malicious sites and block them. Nowadays there are a lot of dangers lurking in shopping sites and social media. Avira can act instantly to save you from such scams.

Avira consists of many optimization tools like:

  • Drive updater
  • PC junk file cleaner
  • Start-up optimizer
  • Battery usage manager

Avira is fast in detecting junk files compared to other softwares. Before removing them from you PC, the software flags them red and asks your permission whether to keep them or delete them.

The start-up optimizer helps us to club softwares and applications which slow down the performance of the system. Avira either stops them from booting or to wipe them off completely.

After the scan, Avira provides you with two boost options; standard boost optimization and Hyper boost optimization. The standard optimization helps to boost the start-up time by few seconds and hyper optimization speeds up the boot time. The company recommends their users to perform hyper boost in every 3 months.

Device optimization feature of Avira is far better than other softwares like Panda and PC protect.

Other than having common VPN features, the Photon VPN of Avira contains:

  • Unlimited browser data (for prime users)
  • No-logging policy
  • Multiple-server location

The VPN feature allows the user to run them on 5 devices simultaneously. Before using them, the software collects some of the personal information like usernames and email addresses for verification process. Your data is protected within the servers and there is no chance for a data leak.

With the help of password manager, you can protect and manage your password through bank-grade encryption. You can save usernames and passwords of your accounts inside the password manager so that you don’t have to manually type them every time.

The dashboard of Avira is very simple and user-friendly. You can easily save your credit card information and notes in them.


  • 1 month 1 device– Rs.165
  • 1 month 3 device –  Rs.212
  • 1 month 5 device – Rs.260
  • 1 year 1 device – Rs.1, 529
  • 1 year 3 device –  Rs.1, 966
  • 1 year 5 device – Rs.2, 405
  • 2 year 1 device – Rs.2, 615
  • 2 year 3 device – Rs.3, 363
  • 2 year 5 device –  Rs.4, 113
  • 3 years 1 device – Rs.3, 486
  • 3 years 3 device – Rs.4, 483
  • 3 years 5 device – Rs.5, 484

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