Top 4 security softwares for iPads and iPhones

Top 4 security softwares for iPads and iPhones

The use of Apple products has boomed drastically compared to the previous years. This is mainly due to the security and safety they provide. But today, even the toughest security systems are vulnerable to internet security risks. To prevent this from happening we should have defending software in our devices that can save us from present day malwares and threats.

In this blog we are going to discuss about 4 security solutions that can add an extra layer of protection for you Apple devices.

Actually virus scanning cannot be done on iOS devices because they are secured by a new-fangled security technique called “sandboxing”. This prevents apps from making variation in the other applications or files. So the truth is that viruses or malwares cannot affect the iOS systems.  So what we mean by cyber security is internet security. By providing internet security you keep you iPads and iPhones safe from malicious threats.

Apple devices are vulnerable to a wide range of security threats like phishing attacks, unsafe public Wi-Fi networks, browser trackers, data stealing apps and device threats.

Avira free antivirus for iOS

Avira provides the best features for iOS deviceS which are simple, helpful and more intuitive. Avira adds extra layer of protection for iPhones and iPads.

The attracting feature of Avira is its Privacy Manager feature. This prevents Siri from sharing your personal information with Apple servers. They hinder Siri from sending commands to the Apple’s servers based on your personal data.

Avira also provides advanced security options like:

  • Anti-theft protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Network scanner
  • Device scanner
  • Contact backup
  • Photo storage manager

The VPN feature of Avira enables encrypted internet availability without any logs. The drawback of VPN is that they only provide 100MB data per day and you can only connect to a single server location. But there is an upgraded version available for VPN where you get unlimited browsing data as well as multiple server locations.

Avira protects your privacy by blocking Siri from having interactions with the Apple server. They also provide anti-theft tools and call blocker for improving the security.

Total AV Mobile Security

Total AV provides free security softwares with wide variety of features which includes a safe web browser and an on-demand data breach scanner. Total AV functions with the help of DuckDuckgo search engine. The peculiarity of this search engine is that it cannot be tracked or targeted by anyone while you use the web. The breach scanner regularly scans the database and check for infected emails.

Other features provided by Total AV are:

  • Device finder
  • Battery manager
  • Photo clean-up
  • System security

The device finder feature is basically an anti-theft tool which helps you to track your device when it is stolen or lost. The Photo clean-up features checks for the duplicate photos & screenshots present in your device and remove them. This helps you to save storage space. Total AV also alerts you when any new update is released so that you don’t lag behind by using out-dated application which can be vulnerable to cyber threats.

McAfee Mobile Security for iOS

McAfee is a user-friendly mobile security application which provides excellent anti-theft protection. They have a unique feature called the anti-theft alarm. Unlike the in-built security alarm, McAfee alarms are louder and it is hard to ignore the sound!

McAfee also provides remote location tracking, data wiping facility and also the option to display automated messages. McAfee also provides:

  • Wi-Fi scanner
  • Media vault
  • System security scan
  • Contact backup

McAfee’s threat scanner is very effective. Whenever you are logging into a new website, they first scans the website and if any disturbance is felt, they immediately alerts you and removes you from that website. With McAfee you can create secret album for your files and an automatic iCloud backup system for your contacts.

Kaspersky Security for iOS

Kaspersky provide free security software for iOS devices along with a secure VPN. The VPN provides 300MB daily data and has a no log VPN policy. No log VPN policy ensures that your browsing history cannot be tracked by anyone, not even by Kaspersky. The VPN provides faster internet, but in the free version you do not have the freedom to select a particular server from the global network, they just connect automatically.

They also checks for phishing emails and malicious websites. The password manager feature of Kaspersky allows you to auto-fill password, generate password and helps in account logins by using 256-bit AES encryption technique.

The free version of Kaspersky consists of limited features but if you upgrade it to the premium plan, you will get advanced features like global network access, phishing protection as well as unlimited password storage.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN; the fastest VPN

Proton VPN provides advanced security features and functions quickly when compared to other VPNs. To secure your privacy, Proton uses 256-bit AES encryption technique, designed with improved server functionality, strict no-logs policy, kill switch etc. They provide connections for all major platforms and at a time you can connect up to maximum 10 devices from a single account.

They consist of special features like:

  • Dedicated servers for torrenting: Proton VPN productively merges with torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze.
  • Advanced streaming servers: They have the capability to access online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. by unblocking the geo-restricted content.
  • Spilt tunnelling: They help you to track web traffic using VPN and by using some common local networks.
  • Ad blocker: They successfully block ads, harmful websites and tracking sites.

 ProtoVPN provides 24 hours support in case of any doubts or confusions. They basically consist of three types of subscription plans. They have the capacity to connect more than 1200 servers across the globe. In terms of security, Proton is of the best VPN available in the market and they are designed to provide atmost privacy for the users. For the same reason they are equipped with wide range of privacy features, congenital user apps, strong streaming option and best torrenting facilities. As per the test results, they acquire pretty fast connections.


Proton VPN consists of the basic as well as advanced features.

  • 256-bit AES encryption: this is one of the strongest encryption strategies available in the world. They cannot be ruptured by any hackers and they are the widely used by military forces and well as government agencies.
  • No-logs policy: Proton VPN does not keep the track record of your personal information or your activities. Your privacy is totally protected here.
  • Kill switch: This feature allows the device to automatically disconnect from the VPN if the internet connection is lost. This feature is only available for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users.

Proton VPN also provides some additional security features like:

  • Perfect forward secrecy: This feature regularly alters the encryption key, each time you connect to Proton VPN servers. In any way one of the encryption key is found by the hackers, only the data connected to that key will be compromised, the rest of them will be safe.
  • Full-disk encryption: In any case, the servers of Proton VPN are hacked, full-disc encryption makes sure that the data present in them are kept secure and cannot be read by anyone.

Proton VPN provides two types of protocols; IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN. Both these protocols are readily available in Android, iOS and Mac but Windows system are only compatible with OpenVPN. They also consist of a leak protection feature against DNS, WebRTC and IPv4.

Proton VPN has a secure core server that filters your data through two servers before it is dispatched from the Proton network. The advantage of this is that, if hackers managed to hack the server, they can only able to trace the connection back to the secure core server. Proton VPN servers are located in underground centres located in Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland.

Another attractive feature of Proton VPN is Net shield. They help to actively block ads, infected websites as well as trackers. Proton VPN has net shielding tools better than any other VPN. The spilt tunnelling option allows you to add or delete web browsers, applications and IP addresses from the VPN tunnel. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Windows and Android.

Proton VPN can reinforce The Onion Router (TOR) over VPN whose servers are located in different countries like France, Germany and Hong Kong. TOR works efficiently with Proton VPN. Proton VPN is a Switzerland based company where the data privacy laws are strict. So there will not be any compromise in the security of data. Proton VPN only gathers your email address, payment details and timing details of your last login.

Proton VPN has comparatively higher speed when connected to local servers and also international servers including Europe, South America and Africa. They consist of around 1200+ servers present in 55 countries.


  • Basic plan – Rs.352/month
  • Plus plan – Rs.705/month
  • Visionary – Rs.2, 117/month
Keeper password manager

Keeper password manager; trusted protection

Keeper is a highly secure password manager which provides advanced features to protect your password. Keeper uses 256-bit AES encryption method for protecting your passwords, sensitive information and login credentials. As an extra layer of protection, they use two-factor authentication features including Biometric and Face ID authentication. Along with these, they also provide Password security auditing, encrypted messaging and Dark Web monitoring. The interface of Keeper is easy and user-friendly.

Unlike other password managers, Keeper does not contain an automatic password changer. But with advanced security tools like encrypted messaging, Keeper has been considered as one of the best password managers available in 2021.

Apart from other subscription plans, Keeper provides 30 day free trial so that you can go through all the features and tools and subscribe them if you feel it worthy.


Keeper uses one of the finest encryption technique; 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your password and information. This is the same technique used by higher level organizations like bank and governments. The advantage of this type of encryption is that they cannot be broken. Only the sender and the receiver can view the data.

Every information entered in the Keeper is secured in the cloud server. The encryption and the decryption process take place at device level, such that even if the hackers managed to steal your data from the network, they cannot decrypt or read them.

For security purpose, they deploy a strict zero-knowledge policy which means no other people can access the information present in the user account. Keeper also consists of unlimited password storage and new passwords can be added easily. For each password entry, you can insert files and images. For example, if you are saving an Airway account, then you can add your passport and travel insurance documents to them so that you have all the things in one place.

Keeper helps you to set up a two-factor authentication code for your account. You can use this feature for all the online platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Once you install Keeper in your system, they will ask you permission to import the passwords into the Keeper vault. You can directly import passwords from browser or from a CSV file. You can also import the passwords from other password managers instantly.

Once you receive shared information through Keeper, you can only read them and cannot make any changes unless the sender gives access to edit the information. Features like file attachments, enabling two factor authentication and sharing password is done instantly without any delay. With Keeper it is easy to store all the passwords and information in a single place.

The browser extension feature of Keeper helps you to save and auto-fill passwords and payment details into different web forms. Once you save your password in vault, it is easy find them. Whenever you log in to a new website, Keeper saves the account details for the future use. With the extension feature, you can easily switch accounts.

Whenever you are login in to an account, if the login credentials are saved in the vault, then Keeper will auto-fill passwords and web forms. In this way, you can easily sign in to your online accounts. The browser extension provided by Keeper is highly secure and functional.

With Keeper, you can save your identity and financial details which help you do online shopping easily. Identity details include name, address, phone number and email ID. Inserting financial details like credit card and debit card information can be done instantly using Keeper. Moreover, they are safe and secure in the Keeper vault. You don’t have a limit to store information in the vault. You have options to categorize information in the vault; you can separately split private and public information.

Keeper consists of predefined templates to create custom fields for your data. They also consist of dark web monitoring option called Breach Watch. But this is a premium feature and you must purchase it separately from the package. Breach Watch analyses all the login IDs and passwords saved in the vault. They alert you when any disturbance is found.

You can get the Keeper Business version for Rs.293.34 per month and personal version for Rs.220 per month. For more information, visit

Roboform password manager

Roboform password manager; advanced password protector

RoboForm is one if the efficient password manager that is affordable by common users. They are well designed and easy to use application that is configured with various impressive features. Some of them include 256-bit AES encryption, two factor authentication, password auditing etc.

They consist of advanced security features that can be linked with other Google Authenticator applications. You can instantly share passwords and other information between other users and accounts. They have a specialized form filling feature which is used to steer web forms with a single click. This feature helps the users to save time.

RoboForm doesn’t offer some of the common features provided by other applications like Dashlane and Keeper. They don’t have breach monitoring, encrypted storage or password changer. Compared to other password managers, RoboForm premium plans are cheap and affordable. You can subscribe plans for single use as well as family use.

The passwords entered in RoboForm are secured in their servers. Using this application you can sync multiple devices, share your passwords and have access to the vaults. RoboForm servers are safeguarded using the strongest encryption algorithms. Ever data stored in this application is encrypted. Due to the same reason, they are widely used by security agencies and banks around the world.

Once an information is encrypted, to decrypt the message, you need a key. RoboForm stores and sends passwords and other data in encrypted form such that they are safe even in the case of data breach.


  • Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication makes sure that your password and information is secured by providing a secondary form of verification in addition to your Master password. Using this feature, you can also integrate with other applications like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy. But to login to these applications you need an OTP which will be generated on your device. Sad to say, this feature is only accessible in the paid version. RoboForm also provides biometric authentication for 2FA logins for mobile devices.
  • Password generator: This feature helps you to generate strong and unique passwords. RoboForm by default can create a password of 16 characters long which contains letters, numbers and symbols. Using the Advanced setting, you can make alterations in the characters.
  • Security Centre: This is the auditing tool of RoboForm which is used to audit passwords. They inspects every passwords stored in the vault and protects them based on the number of reused passwords, number of unauthorized logins and the strength of the password. They analyse the password using open source algorithm. RoboForm alerts you when the password is weak or out-dated. Parallely they generate a new password. Unlike other password managers, they lack password breach monitoring option.
  • Emergency access: Password managers can make their users in three worst conditions; they become incapacitated, they lose the master password or the device is lost. The emergency access feature helps the users to view the data in case of any catastrophe. There are chances of losing your device; in that case you can allow the access to your account to another person. When you lose your Master password, you can seek help from the emergency contact to look into the password vault.
  • Application password: Apart for logins, RoboForm saves password for different applications and social media platforms on your desktop as well as mobile devices.
  • Secure sharing: RoboForm can actively share passwords, templates, notes and other information. This is a useful feature for families and people working in groups. You don’t have limitation for sharing the data. Secure sharing provides two options to send the information; Send and Share. The send option just sends the information to another user but using share option, the shared login details are automatically synced with the recipient.


  • RoboForm Free – Free
  • RoboForm Everywhere – Rs.1, 745 per year
  • RoboForm Everywhere Family Plan – Rs.3, 485 per year.
Trustport mobile security

Trustport mobile security; a comprehensive security solution

Securing your sensitive and personal information has become a huddle these days. Even if you system has the basic security feature, they won’t be efficient to block current day cyber-attacks. Threat actors are deploying dangerous forms of malwares and threats these days. They are so advanced that a normal virus scanner could not detect their presence and the damage they cause can even make you financially unstable. To avoid these situations, we need a strong and reliable security solution that can detect and block all the current known and unknown threats.

Let us discuss about one of such anti-virus that can perform far better than we think – TrustPort.

TechPort is mobile antivirus software which is mainly developed for Android devices. They consists of advanced softwares like app and file system scanning tool, a secure browser and an online control system for the safety of your devices. TechPort is a Czech Republic company which was established in the year 1991.

Android security solutions mainly consist of scanners that regularly go through the files and alert you if any suspicious files are found. But TrustPort contains advanced features which are beyond just scanning and reporting. Using TrustPort, users can perform scans of system applications, external storage volume or even the complete phone. You can configure the scans with the extensive settings screen option. When you download a file through an unprotected download path, it is possible to configure the download location.

TechPort helps to scan all of your system applications. You can decide an interval and conduct an analysis of virus database updates. When you are travelling, there are chances that your signal mode changes to roaming and money will be deducted while performing any updates using mobile data. To avoid this, TechPort automatically turns off the updates when the SIM is in roaming mode.

During testing, the software detected almost 95% of sample viruses and destroyed them. You can sync your mobile with the Security Web Control feature which is an online dashboard which exchanges commands to and fro from the device. For this, you must initially have a registered online account. After that you have to choose between different commands which you want to enable in your mobile. After logging in to the account, users can send commands to their device from another mobile running the program.


TechPort consists of two advanced options other than virus scanning; an application manager and call filter (both incoming & outgoing).

The function of application manager is to provide a broad view about the currently installed applications and to check whether the permission for each application is granted individually. Based on the permission granted, you can search through the list of applications. Each permission consists of descriptions that help in the identification process.

In TechPort, you have an option called the running services. Using this, users can view the complete list of applications running in the background. This is similar to the Windows Task Manager which gives control over the application that you decide to run in the phone.

TechPort allows you to filter outgoing and incoming calls. They scan outgoing calls, missed calls, incoming calls and messages. This is a useful feature that allows you to whitelist, blacklist or block unknown numbers. Apart from other call filtering softwares, TechPort consists of outbound call filtering, which is not found in any softwares. This feature allows you to block the apps which you unknowingly granted the permission to send SMS.

To control the remote commands, you have facilities like safe browser, contact back-up and ‘remote control’ page. If you find any difficulty in using the software, they consist of 41-page user manual that helps the users to understand the functions. For more assistance there is online help centre and FAQs available within the software.


Techport mobile security is a free application. There is also a Premium version available which can be obtained by paying a one-time fee but can use it for free for the first 30 days.

Top Password Managers Top Password Managers available in 2021

Top Password Managers available in 2021

There are a lot of password managers available in the market. But to pick the decent ones is actually a hard process. There are free versions and paid version available. Most of the free versions contain bugs and glitches and some of them are just spyware which intend to steal your passwords. You will get in-build password manager for Apple and Chrome, but the level of security they provide is limited. Also, they don’t expand their securities to multiple platforms.

Free versions of password manager can offer you with loads of paywalls so that they become inefficient. If you are looking for a safe and secure password manager, you should go for the paid versions that offer best features, genuine protection and helpful customer support.

What are the criteria to look into while choosing a Password Manager?

  • Security: While looking into different Password Managers, make sure that they use 256-bit AES to safeguard your passwords. Additional check for two-factor authentication to make sure that there are no open vulnerabilities.
  • Ease of use: Make sure that the Password Manager is user-friendly. If it is hard to use, then it might be a wrong choice. Before going for one make sure that they can easily detect and save passwords, can auto fill saved credentials, generate new passwords as well as edit them.
  • Features: It is usually found trend that Password Manager Developers cover their features behind a paywall. So it is better to choose a free version by analysing their features. Some free versions provide options like password auditing, password sharing, biometric login etc.
  • Customer support: There are two types of support available for Password Managers, email support and live chat support. Check the response time of the support team before selecting them.

Top Password Managers

  • Last Pass

Last Pass is a free Password Manager which provides limitless password storage for more than one device and they also include some additional protection features. One of the drawbacks of this software is that it always asks permission to sync passwords between system and mobile devices. So to sync passwords across system and mobile versions, you need to upgrade the software.

Major features of Last Pass are:

  • Password auditing: This feature conducts regular audits in the password vault and marks the weak and repeated passwords. They also assist you in changing passwords in around 80 websites.
  • Build-in-authenticator: They produce OTP for every 2FA logins you do. This helps you to save time and to safely secure your password in one place instead of signing in to different authenticator application during the time of 2FA login.
  • 2FA compatibility: They can be combined with other OTP applications like Google Authenticator which ensure multi-layer protection for your password.
  • One-to-one sharing: You can share your passwords, financial details and other notes safely.
  • Avira Password Manager

Avira allows the users to merge wide variety of passwords across multiple devices. This is a free software. Like their anti-virus, their Password Manager is one of the best in the market. Here they have included biometric logins and OTP authenticator. In this application, all the passwords which are stored have been encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. They work on the basis of zero-knowledge policy. During the testing process, Avira did easily sync all the passwords and before saving them. Users can also upgrade to the paid version which consists of more advanced features like data breach monitoring, vault audit.

  • RoboForm

Roboform is a safe and secure Password Manager which is developed with additional form filler. Most of the password managers consist of simple form filler which fill easy web forms. But Roboform fills complex web forms with high accuracy. The software provides 7 different identity templates from which you can customize and select the preferred ones. They provide unlimited password storage and more advanced features in their free version. Once you upgrade to the paid version, the features are also upgraded like 2F authentication, cloud back-up option and sharing.

  • Sticky Password

They provide unlimited password storage for multiple devices but they don’t have the capability to sync between devices. They consist of some unique features like USB portability, biometric logins and Browser compatibility.


ZoneAlarm; the promised protection for your devices

Cyber-attacks around the world are finding hype exponentially. Technological enhancement has helped these threat actors to grow and find new strategies of attack. Normal antivirus or firewall cannot defend these attacks. We need an advanced system to recognize and wipe them out completely. We have a thousand cyber softwares available in the market but only few have the unique feature to detect any level of dangerous threats and block them. All the organizations and individual users must ensure that they have progressive defending software to protect their data and sensitive information.

Here we are going to introduce you to one of the best security software available in the market, ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm is one of the products of Check Point which has millions of users worldwide. ZoneAlarm provides users with attractive features that ensures complete protection for their information and enhances system performance. Mainly they shield your devices from every zero-day attacks. They protect every vulnerability of the system that can be exploited by the cyber hackers. ZoneAlarm uses cloud signature database to perform these actions and provide real time protection. They consist of a virtual sandboxing environment that helps the users to send email attachments to a virtual machine present in the device so that they are quarantined. From the quarantine storage, they are analysed thoroughly using cloud based definitions. Only if they are clean, they are passed forward.

 The ‘threat execution’ process is processed in several stages. Once a threat is detected, it is scanned by the sandbox environment and with the help of Zone Alarm network the other users are protected. Both the free and priced version of the software provides real-time protection against harmful threats like viruses, Trojans, spywares, adwares, worms and bots.

This software works at the Kernel level of operating system, which is considered as the advantage of this software. They consist of customizable scans and a signature for comparing different malwares quickly than other softwares in the market. ZoneAlarm updates its definition regularly against a cloud database.

ZoneAlarm consists of advanced firewall which is powered by proprietary technology. They always stay alert to detect the abnormal fluctuations in the network activity. Some of the common attacks against networks are SCM and COM, as well as data access exploits. The firewall actively watches the outbound traffic when the device is connected to public or private networks. The in-built security feature, Kill control can suppress the threats that try to leak the information out of your network. The firewall begins its function even before the security systems and programs have started operating.

The developers have included an Automatic Wireless Network Security tool which scans the wireless networks to decide the appropriate firewall policy. For those users who have to switch between networks for various options, this is a suitable feature.


Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension

ZoneAlarm provides users with anti-phishing extension specifically for Google Chrome Browser. This increases the significance of this software. This feature is available in both free and paid versions. In today society, hackers mainly focus to exploit online transactions and emails. Both these areas are protected using this feature. They also analyse every URL in the Chrome and saves your system from malicious websites threats.


The anti-keylogger feature present in ZoneAlarm helps to spot and prevent dangerous Keyloggers from exploiting the computer resources. Keyloggers are identity thieves which steal your sensitive informations like login credentials, financial information etc. Through anti-Keylogger feature, your personal informations are safe with yourself.

Online Backup Space

ZoneAlarm provide the users with 5GB of storage space where the users can store most of their important data. Creating a back-up for the important files is a need these days. The backup facility consists of utilities like continuous backup support, file versioning and ability to spot drives.

Find my laptop

In case of a stolen laptop, ZoneAlarm helps the users to recover the files and lock them. In most of the cases, stolen laptops can cause financial damage. If any other person tries to unlock your laptop, after the third failed attempt, the system notifies you and they lock the complete access.

ZoneAlarm is available in free version and paid versions. You can buy the paid versions for Rs.2, 185 for 1 device/year, Rs.2, 915 for 5 device/year and Rs.3, 645 for 10 devices/year.

AhnLab antivirus

AhnLab antivirus; advanced cyber threat analysis and response

Ever imagined why we need an advanced cyber security system? According to the reports cyber-attacks has increased to 56% since the pandemic has struck the society. Many established organizations are falling into financial crisis due to different types of cyber-attacks. Many lost the important data and sensitive infomations which could have been secured if they had an advanced protection system.

Cyber-attacks can come from anywhere, in any form. We must be ready to defend them at any time. For that we need reliable security softwares. There are a lot of advanced security softwares available in the market. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to an efficient security solution, AhnLab.

AhnLab was founded in the year 1995. They came up as a structured cyber security organization which develops comprehensive protection softwares for endpoint networks, online transactions and other basic services. They provide the best threat prevention systems by clubbing cloud analysis with the endpoints and server resources.

As per the records around 25,000 institutions around the world depend on AhnLab for better security. AhnLab provides multi-layer security for both endpoint and networks. Their V3 security version is best known for its performance. They make sure that that your critical business informations are secured by the upcoming cyber threats.

The V3 security product is only compatible with Windows.  It ensures that your endpoints and networks are protected by consuming less resource than other security softwares in the market. This is one of the finest security software available in the market which does not compromise on the system performance while functioning.


  • Comprehensive firewall: The V3 version is equipped by a strong firewall that successfully blocks detrimental network attacks. They also consist of a two way firewall option that safeguards the device from unauthorized network access.
  • New-fangled attack detection system:  The V3 security system defends a wide variety of attack vectors like malwares, Trojans, spyware, adwares, worms etc. They function on the basis of cloud-based technology. They conduct special scan to detect malicious rootkits. Once located, they are quarantined and blocked.
  • Deep data wipe: V3 can actively locate delete the contents of the folders which has high risk and has the capacity to drain sensitive information. The wiped off data is then over written with the assistance of multi-pass algorithm, which makes it difficult to retrieve.
  • PC tune-up: The PC tune up feature in the V3 version helps to boost the system performance by clearing the unnecessary space occupied by temporary files, registries and other cache files.


  •  They are the leading industry will best customer support.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Highly safe and reliable.
  • Cost efficient
  • Free trial available for 30 days.

In the beginning they were only developing desktop based softwares, but now they have started creating security solutions for Android devices. To cope up with the present day cyber-attack strategies, the software uses unique DNS scan and Smart Defence cloud based technology. The AV test labs have also certified them as reliable security software.

They can obstruct every zero-day attacks without any fail. When tested, the software detected 100% malwares which was present in the system as well as emails.

AhnLab is easy to install and simple to use.  Features like optimization, protection and other scanning option are available in the interface within your reach. These softwares are designed in such a way that they have minimum system impact, which means they perform efficiently even in slower machines. They function quietly in the background and do not bring unnecessary notifications. As per the test results, the full scan option are completed within an hour and the scans does not freeze the system.

They also has an external drive scanner, which scans external devices like USB flash drives, hard drives and other portable devices. The NIP (Network Intrusion Prevention) feature helps to prevent attacks through networks.

The mobile version of V3 has some attractive features:

  • Privacy advisor
  • Virus protection
  • Tune-up
  • App lock
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Privacy filter

AhnLab is available free for the first 30 days then you have to pay to continue the subscription plan.

Fortinet antivirus

Fortinet antivirus; a reliable security solution

The number of cyber-crimes is accelerating day by day. Cyber criminals are mainly targeting established companies and organizations as they are dealing with sensitive informations and have a good financial deposit. Hackers either steal information or sell them in public websites and dark web or they focus on stealing money by putting their sensitive data in danger. In such condition the company don’t have any other option than handing over the ransom.

All these are caused due to the lack of competent cyber security software. Even though all organizations will have security softwares, they shall not be updated. Older version of softwares will contain open vulnerabilities through which the threat actor can get into the network. A proper defensive system with all the advanced features is an unavoidable need in today’s society.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the efficacious cyber software available in the market, Fortinet.

Fortinet is an established security software developing company which mainly focuses in creating network security appliances. They are powerful softwares that can be functioned within the enterprise security environment. Fortinet tools have equally protected corporate networks and infrastructures like cloud providers. They help you to arrange the work with personal data.

Fortinet softwares are mainly utilized in the corporate sectors for the easiness and efficient solution of the network security systems. The chief product of Fortinet is UTM. They are multi-functional softwares that come along with firewall, prevention system, intrusion detection option and antivirus gateway feature. They also make sure that your system is safe from malicious websites and spams.

Fortinet solutions protect your sensitive information using a wide range of systems. They contain special FortiASIC processor which is mainly developed for signature analysis of network traffic and makes the network activity faster and with encryption.

Fortinet ensures real time protection and threat elimination without the loss of network bandwidth. You have options in the software to analyse and manage traffic. These are user-friendly and cost-effective softwares.

Advantages of Fortinet

  • It consists of wide variety of security solutions.
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Consists of advanced business features.
  • You can manage and share the configurations through local and remote point switches.
  • Specialized configuration and authorization method for SSID or VLAN.
  • Multi-layer Wi-Fi protection.
  • Compatible with other wireless technologies.


  • Some of the versions are not suitable for personal use.
  • Some software versions needs hardware support to ensure smooth functioning.

Fortinet is designed in such a way that it can be used along with Enterprise Management Server (EMS). EMS provides endpoint protection to your networks.  They consist of vulnerability scanner that finds known and unknown vulnerabilities successfully. The firewall feature of Fortinet is supported by TCP and UDP ports.

Apart from the vulnerability scanner, Fortinet provides remote access tools which help the users to configure VPN connections. These softwares are easy to use and the scanning options are automatically functioned. The user interface contains ‘notification tab’ which provides the list of complete details of the program generated notifications.


  • Auto Virus scanning
  • Manual Virus scanning
  • Registry Start-up scan
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-worm
  • Anti-phishing
  • Email protection
  • Personal firewall
  • VPN service

Fortinet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

The firewall feature protects the network by analysing the incoming and outgoing packets based on a set of specified rules. Fortinet can efficiently block unauthorized network activities like signatures, protocol decryption, packet logging and IPS sensors.

Forinet allows the users with program control features that assist them to manage multiple Internet technologies that have been accumulating in the modern networks.

For detecting viruses, Fortinet uses identifier based virus detection method as well as heuristic method. These advanced technologies actively trap all kinds of viruses, spywares and other cyber-attacks that lurk into your system through internet traffic, emails and file sharing. If any files are found anonymous, they are immediately transferred to the cloud servers so that they don’t cause any damage to your system.

Fortinet is a free software but the enterprise customers have to purchase the FortiClient EMS which consists of multiple endpoints.

Immunet antivirus

Immunet antivirus; the real-time defender

Cyber threats are increasing significantly in the modern world. Technology and internet has taken away almost every sector of the society. Due to the same reason, people and organizations are being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Internet is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. The benefits of internet are largely praised by everyone, but little do they know that it acts as a connecting bridge between the users and the threat actors. Most of the dangerous malwares have been spreading through internet.

To protect our personal information and to secure our privacy, we should have a strong and reliable security software.

Immunet can protect you from all the emerging threats and safeguard your sensitive information.

Immunet works with the help of cloud computing system and it is one of the finest security solutions available in the market. It mainly functions on Windows computers and they are user-friendly. The software stays active over a network where about two million users utilize them to create a better defence mechanism. If any one of the user within the network is attacked, the software gathers information about the malware and ensures protection to all the other users from that malware.


  • They provide real-time threat detection and they have a manual update system.
  • They are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • They need small amount of RAM to function.
  • They can be used with other anti-virus programs.


  • It doesn’t have email scanning feature.
  • They don’t detect threats from external drives.
  • There are variations in function during offline.

Basic features

You can install Immunet software within 60 seconds and does not occupy more than 100MB of space.

  • Once Immunet is installed it automatically runs Flash scan and checks for malicious outsiders in the running process and starts the function of registry keys.
  • The Block Mode feature helps to block newly installed applications if any threat is found within the program. Only safe applications are granted permission inside the system.
  •  They ensure immediate response to viruses, malwares, spywares, ransomwares, adwares etc.
  • The custom scan helps to scan specific files or folders.
  • The schedule scan feature helps you to run scans according to your schedule. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. Schedule scan has the option to perform full, flash or custom scan.
  • Without activating on-demand or scheduled scans, the software automatically calls out to scan the system for malicious threats like Trojans and Keyloggers.
  • If they found any threat while scanning, Immunet quarantine them separately.
  • There are possibilities where the software can detect some Windows files as infected ones. To avoid this confusion, select the file, folder or file extension to add to the exclusion list so that you don’t lose important files.
  • Gaming mode enables the users to stay away from unnecessary notifications.
  • There is always a record maintained within the software that saves all the activities done by the software like running scans, detecting threats, blocking and quarantining files. You can go through them if necessary and there are options to sort the activities according to the date and time.
  • You can manually activate or deactivate the cloud detection engines like ETHOS and SPERO.
  • While you are offline, ClamAV engines looks out for threats.
  • They are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and the server 2016/2012/2008 R2.

Immunet is powered by an open source ClamAV scanner. They have an efficient user-friendly front end which is available only as definition database in other anti-virus softwares. Immunet provides options to view the CPU performance and display memory from the product dashboard. Antivirus software utilizes power and memory of the system to function. So it better to have an idea of how much memory and power it is using.

Immunet has a separate social network called Immunet Community. Through this community, users exchanges virus data so that the software can analyse them and no one else gets affected by the virus.

Immunet is one of the lightest anti-virus software available within a megabyte. While considering the entire database of ClamAV, it’s just around 20MB. This helps the software to act quickly and keep updated.

Immunet is a free anti-virus software which can be downloaded free from their official website